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High glossy adhesive photo paper 150g
Brand: OEM

Weight: 115/135/150 grams

Specifications: A4 210mm * 297mm

Packaging: 50 / pack

QTY: 24 packets / box
Special adhesive paper, high-quality coatings, high resolution, good effects, viscous, smooth easy to feed, water absorption, the composition can also be printed on adhesive paper shop.
Universal pigment or dye ink printing, especially high-gloss white, sticky, easy to feed, good flatness, the latest products, quite perfect adhesive paper.

For sections of inkjet printers
The highest level of play for color inkjet printing
Bright white, to meet your everyday photo printing needs
Operation Print
Do not fold the paper or scratch paper printable light cleansing
Light cleansing printing surface (unmarked surface) coated
Some, such as the paper is curled, straighten and then loaded into the printer
High-quality print results
With special coatings, paper dust does not fall off, long shelf life.
Paper whiteness, images vivid, photo-quality image output effect of absorbing the ink stick, ink non-proliferation, does not flow
Smooth the paper, not cardboard
Excellent ink absorption surface, waterproof
Wide applicability
For a variety of inkjet printers
Support for high-resolution images (720-4800 DPI) printer
To ensure print quality, set the paper in the original bag protection to avoid the heat, humidity or direct sunlight
Try out on time after opening.
Glare close contact with moisture will reduce print color quality


1. Excellent image quality, waterproof, quick-drying does not fade the perfect present digital photo realism.

2 .. adhesive glue imported oil, to adapt to a variety of climatic conditions, long-term preservation .. viscous strong, no excess glue.

3. Unique quick-drying coating technology, can easily make the picture show up to 2880dpi resolution, no faint ink.

4. Print the image is clear, the effect of bright, bright, paper surface can instantly absorb ink, gum beautifully designed, easy to stick and twist.

5. Suitable for any color inkjet printer 1440,2880,4800 and 5760dp output mode. Scope: Mainly used for DIY digital design, stickers, advertising, office documents fast phase, printing and packaging, labels, personalized graphic output, suitable for inkjet printing office and home, DVD, CD discs and other labels.
★ Do not bend or damage the surface when in use.      
★ Because of different variety in printer and software, the print density and color will also have differences. Please adjust the printer to print according to the instruction in choosing your color settings.      
Recommended professional graphics software, plug-in software or printed, in print quality options bar, select option "Premium Photo" - Paper Options bar - Type - Select the "high-quality glossy photo paper."      
★ Please do not touch the printed paper when your hands are wet. Do not use strong highlighter coloring used in print map in order to avoid the image to fade or discolor.      
★ When opened do not place back in packaging bag, avoid exposure to high temperature and direct sunlight.      
★ Promptly use after opening.      
★ environment: 15-25 ℃ (60-75F), relative humidity 20-80% non-condensing.      
★ put storage conditions (in original packaging): 10-50 ℃ (50-120F), relative humidity 10-80% non-condensing.      
The company’s glossy photo paper has good points: economical, high-quality, export-oriented, each of the products use the company’s coating production and use of domestic and imported paper, special sizes and weight processing, and provide customer back printing and processing, provide OEM.      
We have been working on a full range of customers to reduce procurement costs with the constant pursuit of  excellence in product quality and stability.       
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